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Sewer Renovation

Lateral cutting services from DALROD

Repeated blockages and unexplained foul smells can both be indicators of a severe underlying sewer or drain problem such as a structural defect or even a collapsed sewer or drain pipe.

DALROD’s Sewer Renovation & Relining Division is fully equipped with the most up-to-date sewer renovation equipment and methods to ensure that any problem is dealt with speedily and effectively by our experienced engineers. This means that we are able to work on larger projects and provide complete solutions from one source, with minimum cost, inconvenience or disruption for our customers. DALROD’s armoury of the very latest, state-of-the-art equipment offers customers a complete ‘no dig’ solution in many cases. DALROD’s dedicated Sewer Renovation units include complete crew quarters ensuring minimum impact on your business and operations.

Solutions no matter what the problem is.

Our sewer renovation services include:

  • Full CCTV survey and report
  • Localised patch repair
  • Complete relining of sewers
  • Pipe re-rounding
  • HydroCut System for circular and egg-shaped pipes
  • All types of pipe material can be considered for renovation
  • All renovation and reline works are covered by our 10–25 Year Guarantee dependant upon type of lining

DALROD Sewer Renovation fleet
DALROD’s sewer renovation units carry all equipment necessary to enable drain patching or complete relining of sewers or drains up to a maximum of 1200mm diameter.

Localised patch repair service

Typically used in areas where traditional excavation is difficult or with awkward access, localised patch repairs are a fast, cost efficient method of rehabilitating blistered pitch fibre or crushed pipework in diameters of 100 to 450 and to a length of usually 1 metre. Remedial work can include re-forming the pipe if necessary and then installing the patch liner.

Video – DALROD Sewer Renovation and Drain Patching service

Del Guiton, Group Sales and Marketing Manager, explains the DALROD Sewer Renovation and Drain Patching service. Watch on YouTube

Video transcript: DALROD - The Drain Patching Process.

The patching process

Patching of pipework takes place following an initial CCTV camera survey that will have revealed a damaged area.

Once the problem has been identified the pipe can be repaired by patching the damaged area or areas. Patching provides a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for most pipework damage. DALROD do provide a full relining service for pipework that is badly damaged or where numerous patches would be required.

1. The patching process begins with the pipework being high pressure water jetted to clean out any debris, silt, tree roots etc. The camera is sent through again to ascertain the size of patch required and to mark the exact location of the damaged area.

2. Following the jetting and camera work, the patch is cut to size and the resin is painted onto the fibreglass patching material. At this stage the air bag that will inflate to hold the patch in place is also being prepared.

3. The impregnated patch is then wound onto the air bag and inserted through the damaged pipe to the previously marked-out location that the camera had identified. Once the patch is in place it is inflated via the air bag to take on the shape of the existing pipe. The patch is then left to cure.

4. Curing time varies according to temperature but ambient curing normally takes approx. 1 hour to harden.

5. The air bag is then deflated and pulled back through the pipe, leaving a solid and hardwearing repair in place.

6. The camera is run through again to check that there are no problems and a copy of the video can be supplied if required.

Preparation of drain repair patch by DALROD
The patch is cut to size and the resin is painted onto the fibreglass patching material.

Lateral repair ‘Top Hat’ service

Repairing faulty or damaged pipes within a sewer system is not always straightforward. Cracks, which may be caused by weather, traffic or tree roots for example, can appear and soil and debris can enter the pipe causing voids to form around joints.

DALROD’s ‘Top Hat’ lateral repair system is designed to repair damaged drainage connections and to prevent potential root growth around the faulty connection. The ‘Top Hat’ system repairs defective internal junctions and connections that would otherwise involve costly and disruptive excavations.

Pipe re-rounding service

DALROD offer a pipe re-rounding service to pitch fibre drains together with hydraulic pipe bursting and directional drilling. A lead bullet is pulled through the collapsed drain which re-opens the pipe allowing the liner to be put in place. When the liner has cured, the result is a drain once again in perfect working order.

Drain relining service

In cases where complete relining of the drain is required, a flexible liner impregnated with resin is pushed through the drain, whilst an air bag is also pushed through to mould the resin to the pipe. The liner is heated, and once cooled will mould exactly to the sides of the original pipe. Once the air bag is removed, it leaves behind a smooth new pipe inside the original. (Read about the drain relining process in more detail).

DALROD’s specialised sewer renovation equipment includes:

Hydro cutter – up to 200 metre reach

The HydroCut/Lateral cutting unit is one of only two such vehicles in the UK and carries out lateral cutting from 150–600mm for all variations of pipe, including oval. It is capable 
of re-opening lateral connections and cutting protruding connections, root infestations, concrete and foul sewer liners. With its own power supply, compressed air, and hpw system built into the vehicle it has the capability of a distance of up to 200 metres from one access.

DALROD HydroCut drain and sewer lateral reinstatement system
DALROD can carry out lateral cutting from 150–600mm for all variations of pipe, including oval.

Boiler unit – economical and energy efficient

The new boiler unit is self-contained carrying both the boiler and inversion mechanism.
The vehicle is fitted with LED lighting and has the PTO driven generator and air compressor incorporated – saving the need for towing and additional plant. Ideal for hot cure liners in tight urban areas, the unit also has the capability for lining main line sewers in non-restricted areas. The skid mounted unit works on a one million BTU boiler and can be changed at any time to a two million BTU boiler should the requirement arise.

DALROD boiler unit
The new boiler unit is self-contained carrying both the boiler and inversion mechanism.

Refrigeration Unit – keeping hot-cure liners cool

Not only does the refrigeration unit keep the liners at an optimum 2 degrees to allow them to stay soft and invertible, the liners can also be comfortably kept in the refrigeration vehicle for up to 5 weeks, saving time and avoiding delays as the liners are on hand to be used exactly when and where they are needed.

Water Authority Standards

We provide an extensive in-depth quotation before undertaking any sewer or drain repair works, which can be shown to insurance companies if necessary. Furthermore, we use the most modern and up-to-date sewer renovation methods to ensure all works are carried out to Water Authority Standards.

One of our engineers will be able to come out and assess the situation prior to quotation, and will thoroughly explain the action plan required to get your drains running smoothly again.

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