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Drain cleaning FAQs

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Drain cleaning FAQs… Sometimes a quick answer to a simple drainage question may be just what you’re looking for.

We’ve put together some of those frequently asked drainage and sewer renovation questions, and below these are some of our own observations on ‘drain and sewer problems and the laws of probability’ that we hope will be of help to you.

If your particular concern is not here and you’d like to speak with one of DALROD’s knowledgeable staff, don’t hesitate to call us on 0845 22 37 112. At DALROD you will be dealt with by friendly staff and be given the advice needed to leave you with complete peace of mind.

DALROD drain cleaning FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do drains become blocked?

How do I know if I have a blocked drain?

How long will It usually take to unblock my drains?

I have been experiencing problems with my drains but I'm not sure if it is on my property. How can I find out?

After my drain has been unblocked, how do I prevent further blockages?

I'm in the process of buying a house. Would a CCTV survey benefit me?

Are there any other times when a CCTV survey may be required?

I've had a CCTV survey and have been told that my drain needs relining. Is this completely necessary?

What are the other benefits of your relining service?

What pump station services do you offer?

Do you have a callout charge for an emergency visit?

Drain and Sewer Problems and the Laws of Probability

  • When you find your dream home and purchase without the benefit of a drainage survey, it’s probable that sooner or later you will find unexpected problems with your drains!
  • The manhole cover in the middle of the area you are planning to build your new conservatory over, lay your patio on or deck over will probably block up at some point after it’s been covered!
  • The cheapest quotation to start with will probably not be by the end!
  • When you are told it can easily be cleared by rods, the blockage will almost definitely require High Pressure Water Jetting.
  • A problem that starts in the morning will not be better at night. Don’t wait and take the risk of a more costly solution, call us and someone will be sent out to investigate immediately.
  • The set of rods you buy to save money will probably end up costing you more!
  • Drains don’t get back to normal on their own. If your drains need repairing don’t wait.
  • Bad smells are a sure sign of a drainage problem. The longer you leave it the more it will cost.
  • When you call DALROD you will be dealt with by friendly staff, charged fairly and be given all the advice needed to leave you with complete peace of mind – definitely!

Please note that the advice given in DALROD’s drain cleaning FAQs and ‘Laws’ on this page are the opinion of the author and may change, subject to any changes in water companies, environment agency, building regulations, government policy, local government policies, statutory bodies, etc.