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DALROD Peterborough has been contacted by Peterborough City Council and the Environment Agency regarding the Cities new initiative to raise awareness on pollution within the local watercourses via storm drains.

The yellow fish campaign is new to Peterborough City Council and Environment Agency initiative, with yellow fish stickers, being distributed around certain areas of the city, which are stuck on pavements near drains to indicate the presence of a storm drain to promote the need to avoid cross contamination from people pouring things down the drains.

The marking of the drains is to highlight the link between the cities drainage infrastructure and the environment, we are doing this is for a number of reasons

  • Pollution from urban environments and industrial estates can seriously affect the water quality in both the short and long term. This leads to the loss of wildlife and the killing of fish in our local environments.


  • Litter can cause blockages in drains, stopping rainwater from entering them and creating ponding on the road networks. Litter can also be hazardous to wildlife that live in our rivers.


 Over the remainder of the year, you will see these stickers appearing around the site as well as sprayed yellow fish symbols to highlight the location of a storm drain or gulley. Please ensure that stormwater is the only fluids that enter these drains and if you are unsure of a disposal route for a certain fluid or waste then please ask

If you have any questions then please contact Carl Hodge (Environmental Manager) on ext. 3300 or Site Services on ext. 2361 or call DALROD on 0845 22 37 112 who will be pleased to give you advise.

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