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DALROD are proud of the work they do within communities they serve. So when Drainage Engineer Robert Briggs from our Peterborough Service Area, found a purse within the gully he was cleaning, we made it our mission to reunite the personal belongings with the owner.

DALROD Peterborough holds the highways maintenance contract ensuring the gullies around the city are free of blockages allowing drainage water to drain from our highways. The engineers on a daily basis recover very strange and obscure objects from our drainage system, but on this particular day, Robert retrieved a purse.

The purse thankfully had a driving licence and bank cards within, so the DALROD Operations staff set to work on Facebook to reunite the belongings with its owner. It didn’t take long before Operations Supervisor Ian Walker found Linda.

Linda was delighted to hear from Ian, as two days previous she had her purse stolen from her handbag. She was very thankful to hear her driving licence and cards were still in the purse although a large amount of cash wasn’t.

By Friday afternoon of last week, we had made arrangements to visit Linda to return her belongings and give peace of mind that her personal details were no longer available to others.

Well done Robert and the rest of the DALROD Peterborough office.

Pictured below  Robert reuniting Linda with her stolen purse.