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CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV Drain Survey – Because drains are often hidden from view and buried deep underground, the exact cause and nature of the problem you are having is not always immediately apparent from the surface.

That’s why we offer a survey service using our CCTV drain inspection equipment. This allows us to look at the condition of the pipe work and give you an accurate diagnosis of any problems and provide a one-off fixed price quotation detailing our plan of action and letting you know how much it will cost to have the problem resolved.

DALROD Group Sales and Marketing Manager, explains the DALROD CCTV drain survey service

Benefits of CCTV drain and sewer surveys

  • Reduces bills – In one CCTV drain survey we’ll be able to find the cause of the problem and find a cost effective solution. The lower the number of visits, the lower the cost.
  • Gather information on your new property – When investing valuable money into anything it’s always worth gaining as much information as possible. We can arrange a CCTV drain survey prior to purchasing; allowing you to avoid any unexpected costs once the property is purchased.
  • Avoid future problems – A CCTV drain survey can spot problems long before they become serious. The earlier potential issues are spotted, the earlier they can be dealt with.

DALROD vans are fitted with the Mini-Cam Rovver, CCTV Drain Survey and WinCan Reporting Systems

DALROD pushing the boundaries of new technology to improve its service to clients

A new service which vastly improves the way CCTV drain survey footage is viewed has recently been launched by DALROD. Footage can now be viewed remotely by DALROD’s clients at their own workplace (and in indoor comfort) thereby saving both time and money in not having to travel to the problem site, or wait for several days whilst the CCTV drain survey footage is downloaded onto disk and sent to them. The survey is viewed in realtime and if a problem is spotted then immediate decisions can be made and the problem remedied before it gets any worse – or costly.

The hi-tech system has been incorporated in to a brand new long wheelbase VW Crafter van, alongside the regular drain jetting and CCTV drain survey equipment, making for a streamlined one vehicle solution for clients. A drain can now be cleared and surveyed, with any issues within the drain quickly identified by robotic camera and realtime footage transmitted straight to a customers office desktop PC – or if they are out of the office to their mobile or tablet device.

DALROD CCTV drainage survey transmitted in ‘realtime’.

DALROD – fleets ahead with the latest hi-tech survey systems

A recent addition to the DALROD fleet is a custom designed, extra long wheel base Mercedes 511 Sprinter van to further expand our CCTV drain survey capability and enhance the service required by our clients.

Fitted with the Mini-Cam Rovver, CCTV Drain Survey and WinCan Reporting Systems together with full high pressure water jetting capability, drain surveys can be undertaken in pipework from 100 diameter to 1200 diameter with reports and DVD’s formatted on site giving our clients the instant answers they need. In addition to the above, the van carries all equipment required to undertake localised drain patch lining repairs should the need be identified at the time of the survey.

The benefit to our customers is that it provides a one-visit solution instead of the traditional CCTV drain survey requiring two vehicles to attend, one to pre-clean and then one to survey, with all the associated costs. The new van enables DALROD to offer significant cost savings to both new and existing clients.

Prevention is better than cure

CCTV drain surveys are also useful in identifying problems before they become more serious – and costly! If you are unsure whether or not a CCTV drain survey is required, a call to one of our experienced staff will give you instant answers and advice on the right steps to take to get the problem sorted with minimum cost and inconvenience.

For further information about our CCTV drain survey service please see our FAQ pages, or call one of our highly experienced telephone operatives for further specialist advice on 0845 22 37 112.