CCTV Drain Surveys in Birmingham South

Get a clear picture of your drains with our state-of-the-art CCTV surveys

Drains, sewers and pipes are often hidden from view and buried deep underground. This makes it difficult to understand the exact cause and nature of drainage problems, or see potential issues around the corner.

DALROD Birmingham South’s CCTV drain surveys are the solution to this problem. They provide a live video feed from inside your drains and sewers, allowing us to clearly see what’s going on inside them – and, crucially, reveal what is causing your drainage problem.

CCTV drain surveys are also vital in helping to avoid major future problems by spotting issues before they become serious.

Why choose DALROD for your CCTV drain survey?

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Birmingham South CCTV drain survey case study

A development at Star City, Birmingham, was paused until an accurate CCTV drain survey could be carried out.

Why was a CCTV drain survey needed?

Our commercial client required a trustworthy and reliable drainage company to carry out a CCTV drain survey to determine where a drain was leading to – and the condition it was in – prior to commencing a new development project. Step forward DALROD Birmingham South!

What did DALROD Birmingham South do?

Our expert CCTV drain survey technicians provided a full report for the client, mapping the complete layout of the drain. Furthermore, we were also happy to confirm the drain was in good working condition, meaning the development project could continue without any delays.

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DALROD ACCENTS - 13082021-08

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DALROD ACCENTS - 13082021-08

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