Prevention & Pre-Planned Maintenance in Norwich

Protect your business from costly drainage emergencies

Maintaining your commercial drainage system is as vital as testing your fire alarm, as detecting growing issues before they become a problem helps to minimise emergencies and costly repairs. This can be achieved easily and simply with a prevention and pre-planned maintenance (PPM) plan with DALROD Norwich.

Bespoke to each business, DALROD Norwich’s PPM agreements generally include a CCTV site survey and regular cleaning and flush throughs of drainage systems, in addition to any specifically required work. This ensures pipes and sewers are running free of any obstructions and stay in good working condition – giving you complete peace of mind.


Why choose DALROD Norwich for your drainage problems?

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Oxford prevention and pre-planned maintenance case study

Find out how regular routine inspection of an Oxfordshire restaurant’s drainage system led to the discovery of a potential major plumbing issue.

What was the problem?

DALROD Oxford has an ongoing maintenance agreement with a local restaurant to regularly check the drainage in their kitchen and toilets, as any unforeseen problems would require the premises to be shut. On one visit, a major build-up of food waste, fat, oil and grease were found in the kitchen pipes. Meanwhile, all bathroom sinks were emptying slowly.

How Dalrod Oxford solved the issue?

We carried out a mechanical cleaning of the waste pipes in both the kitchen and toilets. The flushing through cleared the build-up of waste, while the removal of all traps ensured the sinks drained normally and unhindered. This proactive measure prevented the potential costly closure of the restaurant had the pipes begun backing up.

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