Liquid Waste Disposal & Tanker Jetting in Bath & Swindon

Remove waste water and blast away debris for free-flowing drains and sewers

There are many causes of wastewater flooding and overflowing drains, including deposits of fat, oil and grease (FOG) and large build-ups of silt and debris in sewers, pits, tanks and gullies. But regardless of the cause, it is vitally important to dispose of liquid waste safely and prevent it from happening again.

DALROD Bath & Swindon are fully licensed waste carriers and are highly experienced in removing all types of liquid waste, including flood water, septic tanks, interceptors, gullies and much more. As licensed carriers, we dispose of waste at an approved centre and prepare all paperwork compliant with regulations.

Once the liquid waste has been removed, the jetting tanker can clear away any remaining debris in the drain and tank. These tankers use high flows at lower pressures, ensuring a thorough and quick clean.

Our fully accredited expert engineers and fleet of waste disposal units are available 24/7 throughout the Bath and Swindon region – so whatever the situation, we’ve got you covered.

DALROD flood solution pumping tanker

Why choose DALROD Bath & Swindon for your drainage problems?

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bATH & sWINDON liquid waste disposal and tanker jetting case study

A residential complex in Swindon required a rapid response when the basement began flooding.

What was the problem?

A faulty pump in The Plaza apartment building in Swindon led to the flooding of the basement and required urgent attention.

How DALROD Bath & Swindon solved the issue?

Our engineers quickly arrived on site and efficiently cleared the flooding with the use of a waste disposal tanker.

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DALROD ACCENTS - 13082021-08

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DALROD ACCENTS - 13082021-08

DALROD Bath & Swindon is five-star rated on Google Business and Facebook, and boasts a 4.9 rating on Trustist.