Lettings & Property Management Drainage Solutions

Solve issues and prevent future drainage problems in your property portfolio

With an estimated 20% of UK households living in private rented accommodation, drainage problems can be a frequent occurrence for many landlords and letting agents. Whether you manage several properties or multiple occupancy properties, DALROD are the drainage experts to turn to when any issue presents itself.

DALROD’s 35 years of experience speaks for itself and our long history of partnering with landlords, property managers and lettings professionals is testament to our fully reliable and cost-effective drainage solutions.

Getting blockages and drainage problems resolved as quickly and effectively as possible is the most important factor when working with rented properties, as tenants will expect any problems to be resolved fast. Our highly trained and fully compliant drainage technicians are available 24/7, 365 days a year – no matter the size of the job.

Why choose DALROD?

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No landlord or property manager wants to experience emergency drainage situations. We understand that when you are juggling multiple requests from a variety of properties, you must be able to rely on a drainage company that recognises what you need and how best to help. DALROD is the trusted name in the industry when it comes to UK-wide lettings and property management drainage solutions.

Our expert drainage services

Drain cleaning and unblocking

Drain and sewage repair & restoration

Liquid waste disposal & tanker jetting

Prevention and pre-planned maintenance

Commercial drainage services

CCTV drain surveys & inspection

What can cause drainage problems at rented properties?

The cause of drainage problems in rented properties is often the inappropriate use of drains.

A substantial amount of people still wrongly flush products such as cleaning wipes and sanitary items down the toilet, which can lead to nasty blockages and clogged drains in no time. The same applies to fat, oils and grease (FOG) – pouring these waste products directly down the drain will lead to problems imminently.

Educating is key to helping people understand what can and cannot be disposed of down their drains, and we will advise tenants on the recommended use of drains where appropriate.


DALROD ACCENTS - 13082021-08

Available 24/7 every day
of the year

No call-out charges, day or night

Highly skilled and well-trained engineers

Branches nationwide – we’ll get to you quickly

Safe, secure and fully accredited

Over 35 years of experience


Available 24/7, every day of the year

No call-out charges, day or night

Branches nationwide: we arrive fast

Highly skilled and well-trained engineers

Safe, secure and fully accredited

Over 35 years of experience

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DALROD operates a fully flexible lettings and property management drainage service. Our 24/7 availability allows us to work around your tenant’s schedule when access to the property is required.

To find out how we can help make drainage problems a thing of the past in your rented properties, please contact the friendly and professional DALROD team today.

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