Drain & Sewer Repair

From a localised patch to a complete lining, we’ve got your damaged drains and sewers covered

Regular blockages, water not flowing away and bad smells coming from your drains can all indicate a broken drain or sewer pipe. If this is the case, it is critically important these are repaired as soon as possible.

DALROD’s specialist drainage technicians are highly skilled and qualified to repair almost any size or length of drain and sewer pipes (pipes with diameter of 450mm-600mm require additional specialist equipment). Utilising the latest no-dig technology to prevent any inconvenience and costly excavations, we have the tools and knowledge to fix any broken drain or sewer at your home or commercial premises.

How do I know if my drain or sewer needs repairing?

There are three common tell-tale signs that a drain or sewer is in need of repair:

  • Recurring blockages in the system
  • Waste and surface water not flowing away properly
  • Bad smells coming from the drains

The most effective way to see if repairs are needed on the drainage system is to carry out a CCTV drain survey. This survey, carried out by expert DALROD technicians, gives us a full understanding of the condition of your drains, including the identification of any damage.

We can then provide you with accurate details about what has caused the damage, before carrying out our recommended repairs.

What does DALROD's drain and sewer repair service include?

Our comprehensive suite of drain and sewer repair services include:

  • Full CCTV drain survey and report
  • Localised patch repair
  • Complete lining of the broken drain, sewer and pipework
  • Pipe re-rounding
  • Use of our HydroCut system for circular and egg-shaped pipes

All types of pipe material can be considered for renovation. Furthermore, all renovation and lining works are covered by our guarantee, depending on the type of lining.

The benefits of drain lining

Drain lining is a cost-effective and no-mess alternative to traditional drain repairs. Our non-intrusive methods and our guarantee will ensure your drains are back in perfect working condition in no time. In fact, lining a broken drain or sewer will actually leave the pipework even stronger compared to its original state. Benefits include:

  • No costly excavation of surfaces
  • Minimum disruption and downtime
  • Suitable for diameters ranging from 100mm to 1200mm
  • Able to negotiate bends and offset joints
  • Continuous section – no potential weak spots at joints
  • All types of pipe material can be considered for renovation
  • Lining systems are available for runs containing diameter changes
  • Runs of up to 550-600m can be relined in one continuous length
  • Increased flow rates
  • Prevents tree root infestation

What causes damage to drains and sewers?

There are five main causes of damage to drains and sewers:

  • Tree root ingression
  • Damage caused by construction works
  • Structural movement leading to cracks and/or joint displacement
  • Natural wear and tear – this is exacerbated by age and poor maintenance
  • Rodents in the drainage system

What type of damage can my drain or sewer have?

The common types of drain and sewer damage are:

  • Collapsed drain or sewer
  • Displaced drain or sewer
  • Cracks, fractures and holes in the drain or sewer
  • Bellied drain or sewer

Need to excavate? don't worry, we've got you covered

If a collapsed or severely damaged drain or sewer cannot be repaired using non-intrusive methods, excavation is sometimes the only solution.

In these scenarios, our highly skilled technicians and technical support team will guide you through the process, offering expert advice and the right solution to rectify the problem.

Once the repairs are complete, our engineers will reinstate the ground and property to its former appearance in the quickest time possible.

Available 24/7 every day
of the year

No call-out charges, day or night

Highly skilled and well-trained engineers

Branches nationwide – we’ll get to you quickly

Safe, secure and fully accredited

Over 35 years of experience


Available 24/7, every day of the year

No call-out charges, day or night

Branches nationwide: we arrive fast

Highly skilled and well-trained engineers

Safe, secure and fully accredited

Over 35 years of experience


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