Prevention & Pre-Planned Maintenance

Protect yourself against costly drainage emergencies

The best course of action for all businesses to prevent an emergency situation with their drainage system is to take out a prevention and pre-planned maintenance (PPM) programme with DALROD’s expert technicians.

A PPM agreement will ensure your drainage system is regularly cleaned and comprehensively inspected – including in all the places you can’t see, like interceptors and grease traps – helping to protect against any drainage emergencies.

Cleaning these areas should take place regularly. Maintaining your drainage should be treated as importantly as testing your fire alarm system to ensure it works properly when you need it – which, for your drainage system, is 24 hours a day.

Every business is unique and each has their own often complex drainage requirements, depending on the sector it’s within. That’s why we completely tailor our PPM service to give you the exact support you need to ensure free-flowing internal and external drains.

How does a PPM agreement work?

There are three steps to a PPM agreement:

  1. A CCTV drain survey highlights any current or potential problems
  2. We thoroughly clean and flush through the system, removing fat, oil and grease (and safely disposing of them) from as well as any obstructions
  3. Agree a dedicated service plan which is specific to your business and the sector in which it operates


Many of our commercial customers already benefit from routine pre-planned maintenance. Every plan is entirely bespoke to your needs and industry, and we’ll strategically plan scheduled visits to prevent inconvenience to your working day. As we’re a truly 24/7 drainage company, this can mean working throughout the times your business is closed, such as overnight.

What are the benefits of a PPM agreement?

Keeping up with the maintenance of your drains will minimise emergency situations, as problems will be detected before they cause disruption, damage, and costly repairs. Key features of a PPM agreement include:

  • Completely bespoke and built around your company’s needs
  • Strategically planned visits to prevent disruption and loss of revenue
  • Prevent emergency situations
  • Preserve your property from damage
  • Cost-effective solution for drain maintenance: prevention is better than cure
  • Regular professional cleaning of interceptors and grease traps

What does a PPM agreement protect against?

Drain cleaning, CCTV drain surveys and waste removal are the three core pillars that make up a DALROD PPM programme.

Regular cleaning & jetting will prevent:

  • Scaling
  • Fatbergs
  • Build up of waste deposits & grease
  • Help prevent drain wear and tear

Regular CCTV drain surveys will detect:

  • Bellied pipes
  • Cracked drains
  • Blockage location or beginnings
  • Tree root ingression

Regular disposal of waste will prevent:

  • Gullies blocking
  • Dirty and blocked ACO drains
  • Flooding or overspills
  • Wear and tear of the drainage system

Available 24/7 every day
of the year

No call-out charges, day or night

Highly skilled and well-trained engineers

Branches nationwide – we’ll get to you quickly

Safe, secure and fully accredited

Over 35 years of experience


Available 24/7, every day of the year

No call-out charges, day or night

Branches nationwide: we arrive fast

Highly skilled and well-trained engineers

Safe, secure and fully accredited

Over 35 years of experience


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