When people ask about your job what do you say?

For many people the response can be “it’s really varied, and no two days are the same?” and DALROD Cambridge can certainly say that. Working within the drainage sector brings a wealth of opportunity to take on new or different jobs. While we recognise that cleaning and jetting drains and dealing with cracked, broken, and blocked pipes represents a lot of what we get involved in, it is just one element of the work we do and there is so much more that can be done.

The team at DALROD Cambridge recently demonstrated just how versatile the equipment we use can be. Removal of wastewater is a key part of any drainage engineer’s day, however emptying a domestic hot tub is a new twist!

When you think about, it’s not so strange. Hot tubs are full of water and chemicals and, depending on the usage levels, they should be thoroughly drained and deep cleaned every 4-6 months. Fortunately, DALROD Cambridge are on hand for jobs such as this and we can fully drain and clean a hot tub unit in no time with our combi unit and vac hose. DALROD are licensed waste carriers which allows us to remove all traces of the wastewater and safely dispose of it, something which is important to the environment and customers alike.

It might not be the dirtiest of jobs but someone has to do it, and at the end of it we have one exceptionally clean hot tub and one very satisfied customer.