Christmas is traditionally the time for giving.

In a time where families and households are struggling more than ever there is a huge place for businesses large or small to actively contribute to their local communities. By giving back to the local areas that support them by buying services throughout the year, everyone can feel the joy of the festive season.

This year DALROD UK wanted to work alongside a charity to help give children who may otherwise not receive a present this year, a much needed gift. We opted to work with Family Action a Nationwide charity who pair businesses and individual donors with a local organisation at this time of the year. This means that the donations made are benefiting the local communities that are working so hard to support families in need.

The presents all ready to go!

Our Head Office is located in Cambridgeshire, so we were given the opportunity to donate gifts to the Hampton Children & Family Centre in Peterborough. This centre is doing fantastic work with local families and their young children and the plan for the promised donation from our business is that the gifts are distributed among the families who use the services at the centre.

How much to give?

Our question was how many gifts should we provide? It is tempting to go a little bit overboard when you know that they are gong to make young children happy at Christmas. We settled in the end for 23 gifts for a specific reason, this represents one for every person who works out of Head Office and is enough to put plenty of smiles on faces this year!

Thanks to some crafty shopping techniques from Jordan in Key Accounts and Hannah in Marketing we were able to provide a toy and a book for each child on our list within the allocated budget. The task was to buy a selection of presents for girls and boys aged between 1-4 years old, and as we are both mothers ourselves this was a pretty easy job!

Working closely with our appointed person, Kelly Hebdon at the Hampton Centre, the delivery date was set for the 11th December and with a little help from Kimberley Lane and a company vehicle we were able to play at being Santa for the day and successfully drop all the gifts off just in time for the festive season.

Donations mean a lot.

Kelly was grateful for the donation and told us “the children are going to be so excited to receive these presents, and there are some in there that we know they will absolutely love!”

Kim also said “we are thrilled to be able to be involved with something like this at Christmas time. The best thing about giving back to our community in this way is that we know how much it will be appreciated.”

Our hope is that this donation is going to contribute to giving as many families as possible the special Christmas they deserve this year, and one the children will remember for all the right reasons.

Merry Christmas everyone!