Restaurants and hospitality venues can experience drainage issues, just like everyone else. The challenge they have as a venue serving members of the public is that unwanted drainage issues can be serious and can cause environmental risks if not dealt with quickly enough.

The team here at DALROD Merseyside & Chester have worked with a number of different restaurants, pubs and hotels over the years so we know what it takes to keep our customers happy!

We were first called to attend Cote restaurant due to a series of slow draining sinks in the ladies bathroom and in the kitchen of the facility. Upon thorough investigation from our drainage engineers we discovered that some further work was required to help correct the issues as there were stubborn blockages in the waste pipes, and some fittings required replacements in the kitchen.

The team discussed the options with the manager, who was keen to try and establish a PPM (pre-planned maintenance) contract with us. The issues had been recurring for some time and routine maintenance is a great option to prevent emergency call outs!

It’s all about being flexible.

The timing for these works needed to be at a time best for the client. Given the nature of the business, this had to be at a time when there were no customers on site, and for this restaurant that meant 06.30am! Not a problem for our engineers as we are a 24/7 business.

The work was planned for a few days after the initial visit when our wet vac’s were put under great pressure! There was a large amount of grease and fat to be removed from the kitchen area, the challenge for the team was that the blockage causing the biggest issue was located in the pipe above the ceiling. If not dealt with correctly this could have led to waste water filling the restaurant, plus the bit that no one wants is the smell associated with fats, oils and grease as it can be very putrid.

The recommendation here was for a new grease trap to be fitted to prevent this from happening again. However, before this could happen the current blockage required removal. The team used a technique to break up the body of the main blockage before sucking the remains away and leaving the pipe free flowing once again!

The customer has been left with some additional tips and tools and some remedial actions to help improve the health of the drains. The customer was very pleased and the drains are also very happy with the process.

Did you already know that DALROD Merseyside operate 24/7?

Please remember that if you have any unwanted issues with your drains at home or at work, or if you would like to get them checked for peace of mind then you can speak with a member of our team. Here at DALROD Merseyside & Chester we love anything drain related! You can get in touch with us on 0151 363 9715, about any problems or concerns you may have regarding drainage.