It can be frustrating and stressful when a repeated drain blockage occurs. This becomes even more of an issue when you are a facility that has children in attendance during the week. Getting the correct expertise in to rectify a problem is essential to prevent even more frequent issues occurring in the future.  

Recently local Oxford primary school St Joseph’s in Banbury called DALROD Oxford to help! They had discovered a broken pipe in a manhole which was sitting directly underneath one of their popular meeting rooms. It had become apparent that there was a problem for the school as they had experienced multiple blockages and really wanted to get to the root cause of the issue.

Another local company had identified and traced the problem to a broken pipe in an unknown manhole about three metres down underground. This was all situated in a room in the middle of the school building with no clear and direct access.  Due to the complex location of the damaged pipe the previous company were unable to assist so the school called DALROD Oxford to see if they could support.

In environments such as this where working in tight and difficult to reach spaces are involved, it was important to ensure all elements and repairs were dealt with by specialists. DALROD Oxford assembled a confined space team to complete the task which required a full clean of the pipework and the installation a structural patch over the open joint and broken pipe. 

This was not a simple task and to make matters even more challenging, all work had to be carried out during the middle of the school day while pupils were in attendance! 

Luckily DALROD engineers are equipped to deal with situations such as these and the work was completed safely and successfully in a timely manner.

James Stone, Director of DALROD Oxford commented “Since completing the job the school have had no repeat issues with blockages and now have a structurally sound and connected drain! This is the type of work that we as drainage engineers enjoy doing as the results are so effective and the school can carry on as normal without disruption or the fear of reoccurrence.”