2020 and 2021 have been two years that will be remembered for a generation to come. Nothing about the past couple of years has been normal especially within the world of business. 

Here at DALROD we take the time to celebrate the successes of our local service centres as they continue to grow and develop within their territories. DALROD Merseyside & Chester is one of those businesses and they represent a fantastic success story for the drainage industry.

The past 12 months were totally unexpected for this team. DALROD Merseyside & Chester went live in March 2020 and less than one-week later COVID-19 hit the country. Although the effects of COVID hit the normal practices of the business, this didn’t stop this team from striving to meet their goals. Danielle Jackson of DALROD Merseyside & Chester recounts the challenges they faced in those early days “with COVID present, we were unable to properly market our services to companies, we couldn’t attend networking events or meet potential new customers face-to-face.” 

Despite this their ambition never waned and the business has thrived! Success comes in many forms, one of the areas where the team have excelled is through delivering top-class customer service to large contracts. Working with the likes of local housing associations has provided a steady stream of jobs with more contracts coming on board all the time!  

2021 has therefore proven to be a year of expansion and growth and within the last 3 months the fleet of vehicles has tripled. Recruitment has also followed, fresh challenges emerged for the business when it came to hiring staff, with the team based at home on occasion this process became increasingly tricky to complete. Thankfully, they have found one missing piece of the puzzle in new recruit Liam. Liam is reportedly a massive hit with the customers and is highly experienced in all aspects of drainage. The team haven’t stopped there and are now on the hunt for an experienced administrator to join the team.

So, what happens next?

Paul Price one of the Directors of DALROD Merseyside & Chester sums it up. “Over the course of the next 12 months our focus will be on targeting commercial customers, growing our customer base and getting the DALROD brand embedded around the Liverpool and Chester area. These were unprecedented times leading to a challenging but highly successful year and thanks to everyone involved in getting us there!”