DALROD has always been a family centric organisation. This ethos carries through into many of our local service centres as well as being a key part of the Head Office organisation. Many of our local businesses are built upon strong sets of family teams working together to grow successful territories.

DALROD Cambridge have recently taken on a new recruit from within the family themselves. Josh Pollard is now an official member of the team working hard to learn all the skills that an electrical mechanical engineer will need. Josh has been working in the business on a part-time basis whilst he also juggles college studies. Pairing up with the DALROD Cambridge pump engineers provides Josh with a brand-new set of skills that will become invaluable for his chosen career path as he ultimately wishes to become a qualified electrician, plus he is also helping out dad and director of DALROD Cambridge Mike Pollard with some additional hands-on resource!

“Having Josh working as part of the team makes me really proud and I am so pleased I can give him the opportunity to gain practical experience to back up his studies,” said Mike.

Good luck Josh we wish you all the best as you learn the ins and outs of the drainage business!