You would not think twice about getting a property surveyed before you purchased it would you? Better to be safe rather than sorry right?

In fact you probably would not be able to get a mortgage without an official property survey in place. Did you realise that not all issues take place above the ground, some problems can occur underneath the surface and hidden from view including problems with drains. These can not only be a nasty inconvenience, but due to the nature of the issues and where they are located, they can be extremely costly to fix. Imagine moving into your new home and discovering you have a drainage issue….no one would be pleased with this situation, and it does happen.

So how can this be avoided?

CCTV drain surveys are the answer. This service is particularly beneficial for buyers interested in purchasing a new home or for buyers looking to purchase business premises. The beauty of a CCTV drain survey is that it can be conducted at any time, even if there is no clear problem at the time of the survey as the customer will receive a full inspection of their drainage system.

Here at DALROD Bath & Swindon we specialise in helping our customers to gather the right information needed when buying a home. Local councils are able to provide details of the drainage systems for the property in question, however this is not always as straightforward as it sounds. Very often the information held may not be up-to-date and there might have been modifications to the drainage system that may not be accurately reflected on original plans.

Before completing a purchase as large or as important as a new home it is crucial to have current information. Even the smallest alteration to a drainage system can alter the dynamics of how it operates.

Drainage Plan.

Being your eyes under ground.

You can trust DALROD Bath & Swindon to guide you in the best way to gather all the information you need to establish the exact layout of your drainage system. Using state of the art specialist equipment is the way to do this. Our CCTV drain cameras are fed directly into your drain, lit by LED’s which enable them to project clear, colour pictures/videos even within the darkness of the pipes.

The images produced by this process are key for identifying the following

  • A permanent plan of where the drains are and the structure / network of them.
  • The condition of the pipes, including any displaced joints or cracks.
  • A diagnosis of any current unseen problems.
  • An analysis of any potential future problems.
  • Production of a comprehensive report.
CCTV Survey Report Information

By putting all this information together you will be armed with a clear picture (and evidence) of the state of the drains to help guide you in your house purchase. This can also save you money in the longer term as you will have visibility of any potential issues before they occur.

To find out more about the benefits of a Homebuyers survey, or a general CCTV drain survey for your home, future home or business then please speak to the team at DALROD Bath & Swindon on 01225 984195.