Since 1985, DALROD has strived to provide outstanding drainage services to their customers, whether they are domestic or commercial. DALROD provides services throughout the country and are available to assist with our customers’ drainage needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When we say DALROD have the right drainage solution for you, we mean it, and the following story proves it.

No one would ever want to go through that!

DALROD Lincoln recently received a call from our long term customer Morgan Sindall, regarding a property in Spalding that had been having terrible ongoing toilet issues for a while.

The customer advised that other attempts to remedy the situation had been unsuccessful, and the tenant was getting frustrated with so many problems. Previous attempts had been comprised of simply plunging the toilet or referring the work back for a plumber to attend. None of which worked, or would ever work!

As a result, our client contact Stephanie understood that this needed the knowledge of a drainage company to fix it correctly. She opted to seek assistance from our local Lincoln branch, which was the closest to Spalding, and consequently they discovered the problem in no time at all!

Immediately following Stephanie’s phone call, our engineers in Lincoln scheduled an appointment at a time that was convenient for the customer, to do a CCTV survey to assist them in determining what was happening below the surface. Most drainage issues are caused by blocked or damaged pipes down where the eye cannot see.

All sorted!

The outcome from our CCTV survey is illustrated in the images below, and we can clearly observe that the blockage was caused by a massive ingress of tree roots. It is very common for roots to enter drainage systems, and then they are unable to get out so they keep growing inwards.

After discovering the cause of the issue, our expert engineers at DALROD Lincoln removed the roots with a specialist Picote milling machine and then repaired the patch where they got in.

As a result, the customer’s toilet was back operating in perfect condition, as seen by the photo below, which shows a lovely clear drain.

Happiness all round!

“The property tenants were overjoyed after we managed to solve a problem that they had been experiencing and causing them stress for a long time, which is understandable for everyone because none of us wants to be in such a situation,” said Lee Hilton, our drainage expert in Lincoln.

Once the DALROD Lincoln team completed their job, left everything clean and neat and, most importantly, satisfied clients, they reached back out to the customer with a full in-depth report regarding the effective resolution of the ongoing issue.

DALROD Lincoln was then thanked by Stephane with a kind email where she stated: “Your support has generated a fantastic conclusion for this customer following a number of service failures and on-going issues with this toilet. Thank you for taking the time to explain some of the technicalities of this job, and the support with the query over responsibility and your efficient actions and communications in co-ordinating the resolution.”

This made the DALROD Lincoln team’s day.

If you are having any issues with your drainage system or believe something may be wrong with it, please do not hesitate to contact our team, who are accessible 24/7 to assist you on: 0330 1003 222.