The importance of excellent customer relations cannot be overlooked in a service based industry. It doesn’t matter to DALROD that we provide a service that customers don’t usually want to purchase (no one really likes to think about drainage!). What is important to us each and every time we attend a job is the relief we see on our customers faces when we solve their problem for them!

Drainage services are traditionally an emergency purchase often only thought of when a customer is experiencing an issue! DALROD are 24/7 so we are always available to help tackle these emergencies, however, we are also well equipped to work with certain customers on a longer term basis. We can offer pre-planned maintenance contracts to ensure we are on site regularly to keep commercial customers drains flowing as they should be.

Sometimes we also get returning customers who have experienced an issue before but loved our quality of service and come back to us when they get a new problem.

Cammell Laird are a well-known ship building company who over the years have built a great relationship with all of us here at DALROD Merseyside & Chester. If there is a drainage related issue then they call us, and we are always on hand to solve the problem.

Recently the team at Cammell Laird discovered a blockage in a gully. It looked like a pretty simple job for DALROD and was also found before the problem got any worse. Bad blockages can lead to serious issues for businesses and have the potential to cause environmental problems. Fortunately, we were able to attend site quickly, and let’s be honest, it is a fantastic site to be able to work on, with the chance to work on one of the ships.

It’s not every day we get to work somewhere like this!

Arriving on site we filled in our site permits before boarding the ship! There is a process involved in detecting and treating a troublesome blockage. The engineers began by carrying out some high pressure water jetting to a gully located on the top deck. By using this technique we managed to successfully dislodge and unblock the gully restoring the correct flow back to the scupper drain. 

With drainage, we always check that we have dealt with the cause of the issue, there can sometimes be more than one blockage! To ensure that the customer wasn’t going to have any more issues we carried out further high pressure water jetting to a secondary gully located on the main deck. Once we achieved the same result of unblocking and restoring the flow we knew that the problems was solved.

The customer was very happy and they were able to go back to business as usual and although the DALROD team didn’t actually get to go sailing it was a great experience and a great working environment for the morning.

If you are experiencing any issues with your drainage systems, either at work or at home then you can speak to DALROD Merseyside & Chester about getting a health check for your drains. You can get in touch with us on 0151 363 9715, we would love to hear from you.