If you speak to anyone about drainage, they will probably tell you it’s not something they know much about and they might assume it’s only about unblocking toilets! While this is a part of our job there is so much more to a drainage system than you might imagine. A lot of the work we do is in repairing damage, old and broken pipe work.  

Much of this type of work completed on pipes and drainage systems involves tricky and often dangerous confined space work underneath the ground where the naked eye cannot see. We are always saying there is more to drainage than you might first think! This means that the industry needs to think of innovative or technologically advanced solutions to stay ahead. 

Industry manufacturers are continually working on the development of new products to help improve the ease of completing work like sewer renovations. The resulting equipment and products can be very beneficial but also costly, which is why very few drainage companies are prepared to fully invest. 

Sophisticated drainage solutions!

DALROD Cambridge is not one of those companies. The team a fantastic new piece of kit to improve the lining services that they offer. The RSM Sewertronics LED/UV light system offers the latest in drain lining technology and is also quicker and safer than traditional methods.  

This not only looks impressive in the latest DALROD company branding, but it also serves an important purpose. The latest method of lining allows more control over the curing process when lining a pipe because the camera system provides a view from underground, something which is not possible with traditional lining methods. This ensures that the new liner can be inflated and viewed before curing takes place to make sure it is in the correct position. 

Another benefit of this technology and curing with UV light is the speed. This advanced new system allows roughly 1 metre to be cured per minute, meaning that a job that previously may have taken a number of hours can be dramatically reduced. In addition, this method of installation limits potential risks and improves the overall quality of the work due to increased accuracy. 

Many of the other well-known drainage companies have not yet been ready to commit themselves to this level of new technology. It provides the perfect opportunity and strengthens the local position by opening new doors and even larger scopes of work for the business. LED / UV lining will allow DALROD Cambridge to service even larger projects with more confidence and more safely. 

Mike Pollard, Director of DALROD Cambridge said “bringing this equipment into our business is really exciting. We have decided to make the investment as we believe this is where the future of drain lining is headed. Our goal is always to provide our customers with the best quality service and products, and this helps us to achieve that.” 

With more than 30 years’ experience in the drainage industry, DALROD Cambridge are a solutions provider you can trust. If you would like to learn more about the services offered then visit the website for more information. DALROD Cambridgeshire – Expert 24/7 Drainage Solutions