DALROD has a long history in the drainage sector and has always been a family centric business, we often remember where it all started.

It all began back in 1985 when Walter Lane started the company, and that’s when history was made.

Since the business was founded all those years ago it has gone from strength to strength and has now become a household name in drainage. Over the years the family baton has been passed down, with many members of the family playing active roles within the company (and some for many years).

The time has now come for a new family member!

The latest addition to the Lane family is now the 4th generation born into the drainage business, not only this but they are also the third generation to carry the now traditional DAL initials!

Welcome to the DALROD family David Arthur Lane, otherwise known as Arthur! Baby Arthur arrived just before Christmas and is the first born son of Dan and Sofia Lane. He might be small but he has already started making his mark on the family and is already representing the brand!

Dave Lane, Managing Director (and new grandfather) said “having your first grandchild is a wonderful experience for anyone to have, and we are also thrilled that baby Arthur has been gifted the DAL initials, it was never intended to become a tradition but it is a really unique one that might continue for more generations to come!

Both Dave and Jo Lane are still working within the business, as are Kimberley and Dan. They continue to take on more responsibility learning the in’s and out’s of DALROD and the growing network of franchisees that make up the successful organisation that it is today.

Who knows what the future holds?

All we know is that it is really exciting to see the family name carried on and a new generation coming into the world, and who knows – one day Arthur may end up being an active member of the business just like his predecessors.

Congratulations to Sofia and Dan on the safe arrival of your little one!