Everyone knows that Christmas is the time for cheer and goodwill. 

It is really important as a business operating within a strong local community, to help out and give back whenever possible. The local people within that community are the ones who keep our business functioning, so this Christmas we wanted to return the favour! 

With so many charities, community groups and events happening around this time it can be hard to know where to focus some attention. Fortunately, we knew exactly what we wanted to do! Our Office Manager Laurie Vernon volunteers some of her spare time at a charity called Charlotte’s Brightside as she has a personal connection through her sister. The organisation was started in memory of Charlotte Churchill who tragically died in a car accident, and the aim of this charity is help to provide activities and support to local children and help improve their quality of life. 

Making magic at Christmas!

This particular charity does amazing work with the local children and always has a packed schedule of events for them to attend. To bring a little extra joy to them and the centre this Christmas, DALROD Merseyside & Chester decided to support them by donating a large and very festive Christmas Tree to the site and by lending a few extra helping hands at the Christmas party being held for the children! 

There was even a special visit from Santa! 

Making magic at Christmas is a wonderful thing to be able to do and we hope that the memories the children have of this time will last a lifetime! 

Laurie said “this charity has a special place in my heart and I can see first hand that the important work they do has a real impact on the children and families. We wanted to provide a little extra joy and support this year and we are really pleased we did!

So before you go…. 

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