Many industries are experiencing difficulties when it comes to increasing their workforce with the right people. One of the biggest challenges facing many drainage companies is bringing new and younger talent into the sector. With no official qualification for drainage, new recruits learn all they need to know by working on the tools with a more experienced colleague, but attracting people in the first place can be tricky.

DALROD Cambridge have been fortunate and have recently managed to acquire three enthusiastic and motivated new employees to put through an intensive in-house training programme.

Leo out working with Milton Keynes

Where did you find them?

The power of social media can prove game-changing for businesses. Josh Pollard has been pivotal in helping with sparking interest by building his TikTok following and producing exciting content for DALROD Cambridge. The results of this hard work have generated a fresh wave of interest in the drainage industry and the type of work that is involved. Josh has a unique talent for showing the more captivating side of the job, and this has inspired some of his followers to want to learn more and follow in his footsteps as a drainage engineer.

Bringing on trainees is a common practice within drainage, many of the best engineers started out as apprentices, being guided by more experienced seasoned engineers until they are ready to head out on their own.

People can be confused by drainage and often think the job is just about the unblocking side but drainage isn’t just about unblocking sinks and toilets. There is a lot more involved in the services that DALROD offer, therefore the latest DALROD Cambridge recruits can expect to be put through a rigorous minimum 6 month training plan.

Bobby has also been getting out and about with training

They will be doing most of their learning whilst out on a van, shadowing colleagues and getting a very hands on approach to what is involved. But, they will also get some time to complete some necessary theory and classroom based training which is essential to have in place before they can get stuck in!

What does the training cover?

The new recruits can expect to be trained in the following practices:

  • Drain unblocking and jetting.
  • CCTV drain camera surveys.
  • Drain repairs and patching.
  • Tanker training with the potential to progress to driving.
Jack getting stuck in!

Mike Pollard, Director of DALROD Cambridge said “this is a great opportunity for us to expand our dedicated workforce. As a team we really believe in training from within, and giving our trainees the best start to their drainage careers. We are all really excited to see how these guys get on and we have big plans for all of them!

Welcome aboard everyone and everyone at DALROD Cambridge can’t wait to have you on the team!

DALROD Cambridge are an established name in Cambridgeshire for drainage solutions. If you would like to learn more about the range of services offered then please pop along to the website for more information. DALROD – 24/7 Drainage Solutions From Local Expert Technicians