Coming into a new business is an exciting prospect and this is even more poignant when you enter that business as a new business owner. DALROD had the pleasure of running our DAL Academy training last week for our latest recruits DALROD Wigan.

This is the second DAL Academy to run this year and as the business gathers momentum, we expect to run more of these vital training sessions as more and more regional territories join us.

The DAL Academy consists of a highly refined and customised training programme conducted over a structured five-week period. It is an internal course specifically designed to provide a clear overview of all the key DALROD business channels and their operations. The theoretical side of the training is conducted face-to-face throughout the first week, with new recruits being fully immersed in everything from business growth, sales, finance, customer contracts and CRM systems right through to the importance of Health and Safety compliance and marketing. This detailed training is designed to give businesses all the tools they need to become operational.

A positive attitude is key for onboarding as the week can be quite intense for new business owners, and the gentlemen from DALROD Wigan threw themselves in with gusto. “This week was packed full of information and has been fantastic for outlining all the areas of the business that will require focus,” commented Edward Delaney Managing Director of DALROD Wigan. “The team at Head Office really know their stuff and the support and guidance they are giving us while we start to build our business is invaluable.”

The DAL Academy is based upon a hugely successful business model which is replicated exactly for every new business that comes aboard. Catriona Berry Franchise Manager explains why this is so important. “Before a business goes ‘live’ in territory it is crucial that we have equipped them as best we can to ensure business success. DALROD UK has been operating within the drainage industry for over 35 years and it is safe to say there isn’t much we don’t know about running a drainage business.” Catriona also said, “Edward and Chris are shining examples of how a local operation should be run, they have the advantage of having someone based in the office and someone on the tools from day one and this will set them up for success in the Wigan area!”

Week one does not signify the end of training and the most challenging part occurs over the next four weeks in the form of practical training with DALROD’s dedicated operational trainer. Following a carefully formatted plan of jobs and tasks to complete end to end allows new recruits to experience first-hand the time and detail involved to get every job right correctly and safely first time. 

Matt Montague HS&E Advisor for DALROD added his thoughts on the training. “The depth of the training that DALROD provide ensure that any new employers and respective employees are given a firm direction regarding Health, Safety, Environment and Quality. It benchmarks the standards that we rigorously uphold and ensures we instil a positive Health and Safety culture that is taken forward to their own businesses. Both Edward and Chris share this culture as was well evidenced during their time at Head Office. We wish them the very best of luck on their DALROD journey.”

DALROD are proud to act as a guide and a trusted support network throughout the early stages of business and are always excited to see the growth and development that our local businesses experience as they begin their drainage adventure. 

“I have certainly learnt a lot this week about the DALROD way of doing things,” commented Chris Ashworth Managing Director of DALROD Wigan. “The entire process was very thorough, and I am really excited about taking all of this knowledge forward as we begin expanding in the local area.”   

If you are interested in becoming a business owner with DALROD and learning more about the opportunities on offer, then please visit our website at https://www.www.dalrod.co.uk/franchise-opportunities or contact us by telephone on 0330 1003 222.