DALROD Wigan are currently working hard to build up their business in their local area.

In the early days of running your own business, everyone understands it can be challenging to find new leads and to generate work. Recommendations are a great help when getting established, but it can be surprising where work originates from sometimes!

Chris Ashworth, Managing Director of DALROD Wigan is proud of the way the business is going and has developed a great relationship with his customers. Part of building these relationships involves understanding in more detail about how customers came to contact DALROD in the first place.

Jobs can come from anywhere!

Recently Chris was taken aback by a very unusual story from a lovely customer in St Helens.

This also proved to be one of the most interesting recommendations we have ever heard! “It started out like a regular call-out for a blocked drain,” said Chris. “Once I had attended the job and successfully fixed the surface water issue, I questioned the customer about where she had found our details. She proceeded to tell me that very sadly her father had passed away recently.” 

“At this point many people might have wondered which direction the story was travelling in” said Chris. He wanted to hear what she had to say, as he was intrigued. “After her fathers death the details of the Last Will and Testament were revealed, and specifically detailed within this document were clear instructions for the reader. It stated that if anyone was experiencing drain problems they should ‘call DALROD’.”

Carrying out these wishes led this customer to contact DALROD Wigan in an emergency situation. This is a recommendation which has genuinely come from beyond the grave, and shocked everyone.

We appreciate all of our customers, many of whom have been loyal to us for years. It is important to us that we always make a good impression. On this occasion we are honoured that DALROD have been trusted enough as a supplier to be passed down through family connections.

Chris is busy building his area up!