DALROD understand that a forward-thinking company needs to have a personality which is modern, clean and fresh to maximise their appeal to a growing customer base. 

We are therefore delighted to reveal we have had a bold and colourful refresh of our brand!

Why now?

DALROD represents a household name in drainage, and after a successful 35-year history the company has forged a recognisable and distinctive brand. After celebrating our most successful year to date, the business is now undergoing a period of evolution.

We remain a family business who embrace change positively and it has been decided that now is the ideal time to move the business towards the future and this means re-energising our look.

What does it look like?

The DALROD brand and colour scheme that we all know, and love will not change! We have however, updated two of our most important customer facing tools. Our website and, crucially, our vehicles. These help to clearly identify us and allow us to stand out from the crowd.

Take a look for yourself…

Vans and Livery

We are being bold! We are moving back to white vans for our new vehicles for the first time in many years. These will create the impact we desire and showcase our new design perfectly.

We are all very excited by the modern and clean lines that these new designs provide. Our new vans will begin to appear in our fleet immediately although while we transition you will see a blend of the two.

Our internal network was lucky enough to get a sneak peak preview of the livery at our Annual Conference last week and the response we received was fantastic!


Our website has also been overhauled to create a new user-friendly site with tailored and specific information. This has been designed to suit any sector that requires our expert drainage services. Visit http://www.dalrod.co.uk to see this in action for yourself!

This marks a crucial moment in DALROD history. Our company is highly motivated about the future of the drainage industry and our role in it. We are excited by the growth of our network and the introduction of new local service centres up and down the country. DALROD are also enthusiastic about the next five years and the direction of the organisation during that time.

A bright future lies ahead!