DALROD Bath & Swindon have just hit a very significant milestone. Their first Anniversary as business owners is something to be celebrated and remembered. Although the countries landscape is beginning to resemble some form of normality, we cannot forget that this business began laying its foundations amidst a global pandemic.

James and Mandy Kelly, Directors of DALROD Bath & Swindon have one thing that sets them apart and gives them the power to succeed, and that is determination…and lots of it!

Determination will get you through.

That drive to succeed proved to be essential as challenges presented themselves constantly and just getting the business off the ground was a tricky process. The pair found that even getting a business bank account was not simple as the pandemic effectively shut down the country and banks withdrew into themselves. Then came the biggest hurdle to overcome, getting work! 

The initial start was slow and not the flurry of activity they would have hoped for, plus building a new business in an area remote to the franchisee heartland difficult. Adding into the mix the inability to get out and meet people face-to-face to build those crucial relationships, all meant that DALROD Bath & Swindon developed a reliance on phone calls and the power of Google to get them established in the early days.

James commented that “DALROD UK the acting franchisor was amazing in the level of support they gave and the endless positivity they shone our way through those first months of trading.” James and Mandy also benefited from the wider DALROD network to lean on for guidance and support. “We quickly learned not to be afraid to ask for help. The rest of our network have been there, done that and are always willing to help and their advice is always useful,” said Mandy.

Starting your own business is hard work!

If you didn’t already know it, starting your own business brings a new level of hard work previously unknown to anyone that hasn’t yet tried it. James found the physical aspect after twenty-five years stuck behind a desk a new personal challenge for him to overcome, while Mandy added to her already full plate by taking a third job on as the supporting role in the business. It was at this point that the pair had to keep the faith that they had made the right decision.

And they had! During the pivotal six-month mark everything began to fall into place for DALROD Bath & Swindon. Their marketing was paying off, the phone was ringing, and they were getting very busy filling their pipeline of work. It was then that James and Mandy realised all the long hours were worth it, they were their own boss and in control of their own destiny!

When looking back over the past years’ achievements and more importantly the learnings, DALROD Bath & Swindon have many fond (and some tough) memories but they can now reflect on just how far they have come. James summed it up perfectly “A lot can happen in a year, and no matter how much you think you know, there is always more to learn!”

Looking to the future is now achievable and DALROD Bath & Swindon’s goal is to become the ‘go to’ drainage business in the Southwest of England. There is more to follow on this story shortly.

James and Mandy received an award at the Annual Conference for completion of their first year.

Congratulations to DALROD Bath & Swindon for a fantastic first year!