Post 3: Pushing Boundaries

More training with Amber this month and she loves to push to those boundaries.

Lots of ‘no, wait’, and ‘oi, don’t do that.’ It’s a real trial of patience at time but I feel so proud when I can say ‘good girl’, ‘there’s a clever girl’ and ‘well done, Amber,’ when she sits, waits and heels. All backed up with a treat, of course!

She has finally worn Pax down with her constant demand for attention and now he’s given in and plays with her. He’s now really loving it and what great a bonus it is when he wears her out, letting us have a short rest!

She is everyone’s darling when I take her out and doesn’t she love being spoilt!

Amber’s Doggy Diary

Pax is so much fun now! Running around with me and play fighting. He tires me out but love it.

Still lots of training. It’s very confusing. Sit, wait, heel, come, what is a cute puppy meant to do? I wish he’d make up his mind.

Amber sit!

Sometimes I sneak a treat when Daddy’s not looking, and he tells me off.

‘Bad girl,’ he says. Then a few minutes later, when I do something else, he says ‘good girl, aren’t you a clever puppy.’

Humans are very odd sometimes.

Amber’s Apprentice Diary

How strange humans are.

They wait for me to do my business and then pick it up and put in a box. When they do their business, they put in a long pipe. Daddy says it’s meant to ‘flow’, (I’m not sure what that means) but when we see these pipes, it’s always stuck.

They dig big holes in the ground, play in it for the day and then fill it up again. I never do that. But even more strange is they full it up with something called ‘pea shingle’ and ‘concrete.’ What’s wrong with the lovely earth they dug up?

Daddy keeps talking to people about patch repairs, making joins, flexi seals and then joining pipes and new pipes. It all makes my brain fuzzy.

I played with flexible putty. We had to repair a manhole cover. Didn’t see a doggy hole cover. Very sticky stuff. Daddy poured something called vegetable oil on it and it became really smooth.

Visiting new places.

We had a long trip to a big office. I had to get Daddy to stop so I could have a wee. ‘Peterborough, Head Office’ Daddy called it. All the people gave me lots of cuddles, biscuits, and treats. Yummy.

I had to sit through even more training. But I can’t sit still. I want to be in and out of the big holes they dig. Long trip back home, Dreaming of that sticky putty and digging big holes.

So many people to cuddle and lick!