My Apprentice Diary

What a month it’s been! Lots of new things to learn! And more treats. Yummy.

Daddy woke me up one night. It was dark and he wanted me to go for a walk. How rude! I was still sleeping and chasing things in my dreams. He said it was 3am, whatever that means. I just know I had to leave my warm bed. Daddy said I need to get used to sometimes being called out.

We went to a café and there was water coming up through a hole. He called it a manhole but couldn’t see anyone in there. Anyway, Daddy fixed it with his special things from his van. He always does. He stopped the water and he told me the café owner was very happy.

I did get some more treats so in the end I was happy. Daddy stroked my head and said I was a good apprentice.

All the other jobs have been during the day. Thank goodness.

It’s funny how he always asked me questions.

“Which way does this flow, then?” and “Why did they plant that tree there?” Sometimes he scratches his head and sits and thinks about things. Then asks me more questions. “Why did they design it that way?” “That hasn’t been very well put together.”

I put my head to one side and try to answer, to say I’m sorry that it’s not straightforward, but he doesn’t understand. He just looks at me and strokes my head and says, “Good puppy, Amber.” I like it when he does that.

Being an apprentice is very hard work!!

Sometimes it’s a very tight squeeze to get to the holes. Even I find it difficult but somehow, he always does.

We’ve cut out tree roots on some jobs, put in new patches on others, put cameras down holes for some and Daddy always tells the customers what he’s found, what the problem was and how he fixed it. They are always very happy with that, and he tells me that is very important to him.

“The customers must always know how we’ve fixed it and we must always make sure they are completely happy.”

He calls that “going the extra mile” but how can we when we still talking to the owners? We haven’t gone anywhere. I still don’t understand humans, sometimes.

All I know is when they are smiling and cheerful, they make a fuss of me. I like that.

When we leave a job, everyone is smiling, and I wag my tail with happiness and jump in the van to the next call.

I love getting home. Time to play, walk, eat and sleep. And I always get treats! I love my doggy and human family and they all love me. I’ll forgive Daddy waking me up so early sometimes.