Here at DALROD we pride ourselves on our ability to serve our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We often attend emergency jobs in the middle of the night or very early in the morning while many people and businesses are sleeping. We service a variety of businesses in all shapes and sizes so when an urgent call-out occurs, we have to be ready to find a suitable solution.

Recently our Chelmsford & Southend service centre was called out for such an emergency. The Blue Cross Animal Hospital was experiencing a worrying blockage that was stopping the crucial 24/7 care from functioning as normal. Despite the 6am callout, the DALROD engineers were on scene in no time to get the centre up and running again.

Working unusual hours is part of the job!

DALROD will find the right solution for you.

Facilities such as these struggle with any form of down time, due to the nature of their work, so finding a fast and effective solution to this issue was going to be crucial. Luckily Chris Simpkins who attended the site is no stranger to a heavily blocked drain, and in cases like this we can often predict what might be causing the issue.

After lifting a series of manholes, Chris determined that the cause of the blockage was a build-up of wet wipes and other materials, a problem that we see all too often in the industry. Blockages can occur more easily than people may think, and items such as wet wipes are repeat offenders time and time again. It only takes a few items to be flushed down the drain, even accidentally, to cause the start of an issue. If left these can become more serious over time.

DALROD Chelmsford & Southend always strive for customer satisfaction and in this case, the client was very happy with the result. “We wanted to say thank you for all the efforts taken to help resolve this problem. As you can imagine it was quite stressful trying to keep this 24/7 animal hospital functioning with this ongoing issue, so having a speedy resolution was very much appreciated.”

We can all make little changes to help our drains!

Staff at the animal hospital are now using this experience to think about what they can do in the future to prevent a similar situation from happening again. This includes the introduction of a regular maintenance plan. This is also a lesson that homeowners can take on board when assessing what they put down their drains. Wipes of any description should be disposed of in the rubbish rather than flushed.

Also, for any other businesses in the Chelmsford & Southend area who haven’t had their drains serviced for a while, get in touch with DALROD. Find out what we can do for you before any major blockages occur.

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