Sudden changes in weather can affect the condition of your drains. Most noticeably is when we experience large amounts of rain in a short period of time.

If the ground has been dry beforehand then flooding is a common problem and can be an issue for homes and businesses alike.

The biggest challenge is making sure all the water can drain away effectively after lots of rain, very often this is a bigger job than you might think. Some existing drainage systems are not designed to cope with sudden rainfall and can become easily overwhelmed.

DALROD Lincoln were recently called to a job such as this where some tenants were having constant issues with flooding when heavy rain falls. This was not a one off situation but a repeated problem which was occurring every time it rained, and they wanted to stop it from happening again.

The problems were primarily located around the back of the property in the garden and were causing stress for the residents as the flooding was spreading throughout the garden and behind the back door.

What was the solution?

After inspecting the property DALROD Lincoln recommended a suitable solution. This would involve excavating up large portions of the garden in order to fit new ACO drains and a dedicated pump system to help remove the excess water before it built up.

The recommend style of drainage for this property was a pair of ACO drains, which are also referred to as channel drains. The benefit of this style of drain being fitted is that it helps to drain surface water build up from traditional hard surfaces. These drains are long, thin and narrow and allow water to drain away across the entire length of the grated top.

The team also installed a mini pump station to take away all storm water. This involved a little more work as the pipes for the pump required fitting underground before the ground and the paving was re-laid around the new manhole cover. The ground needed to be excavated in order for this to work, however once complete the final result is impressive and will serve a very important function for the customers!

“This was a really satisfying job to complete,” said Lee Hilton Drainage Engineer at DALROD Lincoln. “We were able to give the property an overhaul, and now they have a practical solution to help combat the water when the heavy rain falls.”

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