Restaurants are busy places. They see countless customers in a single day, serving food and beverages to members of the public. Therefore, their toilets and facilities can be put under heavy pressure as a result.

It may not seem like a big deal as a customer, but think about how frustrating it can be when you visit a restaurant, only to find the toilets blocked when you need to use them. This doesn’t portray the establishment in the best light and can have a negative impact on your experience. It may also stop you going back again as it can be very unpleasant.

Imagine how this challenging this becomes when you are the manager or owner of the restaurant and are in charge of rectifying the situation. Blocked toilets, urinals and sinks can lead to wider issues. There can be flooding if the problem is very serious and ultimately the facilities can be at risk of having to close while the issue is dealt with.

Waste water and sewerage can quickly become an environmental issue if the blockage causes water to begin overflowing from toilets and sinks. This can then lead to a loss of revenue for the restaurant if the problem cannot be dealt with quickly and effectively, as they cannot serve customers.

Blocked toilets are a nuisance!

DALROD Manchester were recently called to an emergency unblock at the well-known restaurant Crazy Pedro’s in the Northern Quarter. They did not want to have to close for the evening while this was being dealt with and so they needed an immediate solution. To make matters worse for the restaurant this was all taking place on a busy Friday afternoon! They called DALROD Manchester who luckily were able to be on site that very same day to assist with the blockage.

Even a simple blockage can become a much bigger problem is left unattended and no one wants to have customers who are struggling to deal with a situation. DALROD will always try to be on site as fast a we can, and this is why our service centres deal with individual territories.

“We were really pleased to be able to help this customer in such a timely manner,” said Jill Brierley of DALROD Manchester. “Emergency blockages are stressful for anyone and issues where food is being served can lead to wider issues. The team at Crazy Pedro’s were really happy we were on hand to help and they even treated the team to a pizza as a big thank you!”

Key signs of a blocked drain

If you suspect your drains may have underlying blockages then watch out for these key signs at your facilities!

  • Water draining slowly after flushing
  • Water level in the bowl rising quickly after flushing
  • Waste water overflowing
  • Unusual gurgling in the pipework
  • Unpleasant smells lingering after flushing

Could your business be experiencing any of these? If so, then it is worth getting in touch with DALROD! You can either visit our website here Drain Cleaning & Unblocking | DALROD – 24/7 Drainage Solutions or give the DALROD Manchester team a call on 0161 821 0221.