Starting a new job is always an exciting time, but when you are joining an organisation as a new business owner, the pressure is really on!

DALROD had the pleasure of running our intensive DAL Academy training last week for our latest recruit and newest service centre DALROD Leeds. This is the second DAL Academy session to run this year and as the business gathers momentum, we expect to run more of these vital training sessions as more regional territories join our group. This training is key to getting our new business owners fully immersed within the DALROD culture, brand and operational standards.

The dedicated support that is offered by the DALROD Head Office team is very much a full team effort, and everyone involved plays a key role. All our departments work together in harmony to support all new business owners as they begin their exciting new franchising journey. This means that it is a joint collaboration when it comes to providing training.

The training initially takes place in a classroom to set the scene

The DAL Academy

The DAL Academy is known for being a structured and thorough training programme which is delivered across a five-week period to new business owners. The course is unique to DALROD and perfectly balances classroom-based learning with practical on the job training. This in-depth training is tailored to give new recruits all the tools they need to become operational and to understand all aspects of their new business.

Initially franchisees will spend their first week based in the classroom itself which can be quite an intense experience. Luckily all of our new business owners bring a great sense of enthusiasm with them to the week! DALROD Leeds were no exception and  got stuck in. “This week has been really informative and helpful. It was great to spend time with all the departments, and to understand what I have ahead of me,” said Gary Price, Director of DALROD Leeds.

Completion of the DAL Academy is fundamental for every new franchise location coming onboard. Catriona Berry Franchise Manager explains the reasoning behind this. “A huge amount of information needs to be passed to new business owners before their operation can go ‘live’ within their territory. The process of fully onboarding them ensures they have been given significant time with each internal team to understand what is required of them and when! Being this granular in and out of the classroom ensures we have set them up correctly for business success.”

We take our new business owners through in-depth training

Beyond the Classroom

Week one is just the beginning for the training and the practical elements take place over the course of the next four weeks. One on one training is provided DALROD’s dedicated operational trainer. Following a carefully formatted plan of jobs and tasks to complete end to end allows new recruits to experience first-hand the time and detail involved to get every job right correctly and safely first time.

DALROD are proud to support our new recruits throughout the early stages of business, and we are always thrilled to see the growth and progression that they make as they begin building their businesses.

If you are interested in becoming a business owner with DALROD and learning more about the opportunities on offer, then please visit our website at or contact us by telephone on 0330 1003 222.

Gary Price is our latest Franchise owner