The team at DALROD UK have all been busy little elves in preparation for Christmas by helping to supply gifts to a local charitable cause.

Catriona Berry Franchise Manager at DALROD is closely associated with a member of the Grantham Kesteven Rotary. She has enthusiastically involved the team at Head Office getting them to fill shoeboxes to donate to people in need.

The concept of giving shoeboxes filled with goodies is not new, however it is simple to do and always greatly appreciated. Everyone who wants to take a shoebox or two home with them and then they are filled with gifts, toys, warm clothes or essential items to help those in less fortunate circumstances.

Giving Back

The shoeboxes for this charity have different options available, with boxes designed to be given to babies and children, right up to teenagers and there was even a household option. The team got stuck in filling over 15 boxes between them in record time for a wide range of ages.

The Rotary campaign supplies over 1,100 of these shoeboxes every single year to those in need in Eastern Europe. It is hoped our contribution will be well received as part of the wider pledge. To find out more about the work that the Grantham Kesteven Rotary do, and the other charities they are involved in, you can visit their website here Grantham Kesteven Rotary – welcome. (rotary-ribi.org)

Catriona said “it has always been rewarding to be involved with the Rotary and it allows us to bring a little joy and happiness to the lives of others during the festive period. There are many people struggling and these shoeboxes donated by members of the DALROD team will ensure that people get a gift that they perhaps otherwise wouldn’t get.”

These boxes will be making their way into Europe in the next couple of weeks before reaching their final destinations!