DALROD Bath & Swindon pride themselves on their broad service offering to customers. Across the DALROD network we promote the use of no-dig technology wherever possible to prevent disruption to customer’s sites. However, we do come across drainage issues that can only be solved through excavating the ground to access the drainage system. Very often this method is used to replace pipe work which is beyond patching, lining or standard repairs.

To broaden the services that DALROD Bath & Swindon provide to clients an excavator course was undertaken in the summer of 2022 by Director Mandy Kelly. Yes that’s correct, we said Mandy! Never one to shy away from a challenge Mandy was the one to take on this task and prove her immense capabilities in this field, as well as reaffirming once again the skills and dedication of women within the drainage and construction sector.

Taking the course meant that all excavation projects could now be dealt with in-house by the team with Mandy at the controls now her skills are certified! As a growing business we want to ensure we can offer our customers the very best range of drainage services possible and a key part of this involves drainage repairs, said Mandy. Perfecting and certifying skills as the business evolves is essential, and we are proud to be able to offer this service not only to our customers who need it, but also any of our fellow DALROD service centres nearby as well.

Taking part in the course meant a week out of the business, but after completing the gruelling week long training Mandy walked away with an industry recognised qualification.

Not as easy as it sounds!

The course involved training on a ten tonne excavator at the Construction and Plant Training Services centre. Simple you might think? Think again! This week will be one Mandy will never forget as it just so happened to be during the hottest week of the year, and in fact, in English history so far!

Training days were intense, and were spent rotating between the excavator cab refining the techniques they had previously learnt, or hiding within an on-site vehicle in search of the smallest scrap of shade! When the students were feeling courageous they ventured outside to watch their fellow students working but this was only for the very brave because temperatures were averaging 40 degrees and wearing full PPE made things even hotter!

Mandy Training

The group quickly perfected digging trenches and pits, and then spent long days improving the art of negotiating slopes and transferring waste to dumper trucks.

Every hard working student was looking forward to the end of the week, when a well-deserved moment was spent getting refreshed and celebrating the successes.


Putting the training to good use.

When offering skills like this into the business, the hope is that they get put to good use quickly. Since completing the course Mandy has been kept very busy! There have been a number of important jobs that have required the services of an excavator when a no-dig repair was not suitable. Much to the delight of DALROD Bath & Swindon’s domestic and commercial customers these works have all been completed with maximum satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more about the drainage repair services offered by DALROD Bath & Swindon then you can reach Mandy or James on 01225 984195 to find out more.