Did you know that 95% of rat problems come from sewers?

It is a very common problem and the more you think about it, the more it makes sense!

DALROD Bath & Swindon are among many members of the DALROD network who are contacted by customers having issues with their drains on a daily basis. It is not just blockages that cause issues.

Recently some homeowners reached out as they had been advised that rats were entering their property through their drains, and worse still, they were also affecting the neighbouring property as well.

Rats are notorious for getting into properties because of their ability to chew through most materials and important structures, including drains and pipes. This can not only lead to leaks or blockages in the system but can also cause serious damage to a property if not dealt with correctly.

Rats can cause large amounts of destruction to your property and can be a major concern to your health as they are known carriers of diseases such as Weil’s Disease, Salmonellosis and Lyme Disease. Therefore, it is important that if rodent issues are identified at your home or your business that they are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

There were several things that needed to happen.

Step 1: Identify the issue – the customer had been informed it was rats from a pest controller, so this was taken care of.

Step 2: Point of entry – the first job for DALROD Bath & Swindon was to understand how the rats were getting into their customer’s drainage system. 

They carried out a CCTV survey. This involves passing a tiny, flexible camera down the pipes allowing them to identify weaknesses and locate the source of the rodents.

The CCTV survey confirmed the rodent problem. It also showed a buried, perforated, corrugated pipe which was where the rats were entering the property. The pipe was not fit for purpose and created an easy entry point for the rats to chew through and move into the homeowner’s drainage system.

This pipe was not fit for purpose!

Step 3: An effective solution – the pipe was replaced with a suitable hard pipe, fit for purpose and not rat friendly!

In addition, this pipe also led into the neighbouring property. On closer examination this pipe was unnecessarily connecting the two adjacent properties allowing the free movement of rats between them. This was quickly capped off to deter the rats from entering.

What a result! One very happy customer and two homeowner’s rat problems solved.

If you suspect there are rats in your drains and want guidance on how to deal with the problem, get in touch with DALROD Bath & Swindon on 01225 984195.