What happens if something accidentally ends up down your drain? 

This is exactly what happened to a local couple in Nottingham recently.  

The DALROD Nottingham team received a very panicked call from a husband whose wife had been cleaning her wedding and engagement rings in the bathroom. After cleaning she had carefully wrapped them in tissue to dry by the sink.  

Distracted by their child she went off to do something else, returning to the bathroom later she mistakenly picked up the tissue and flushed it down the toilet!

This was naturally a very stressful moment for her, so by plunging down into the toilet bowl she managed to rescue her engagement ring, but alas her wedding ring was nowhere to be found. After her husband attempted to find the ring without success he rang DALROD Nottingham for some advice. 

We have got you covered!

The value of the item was temporarily forgotten but our Nottingham staff fully appreciated the sentimental attachment this held for the family and were only to keen to help, advising the husband to withhold from using any facilities until our engineer arrived. 

Once on site the engineer placed the CCTV camera down the toilet to see if he could get a sighting of the missing ring, sadly this didn’t work. 

Not a team that gives up easily, he chased the line to an external manhole in a neighbours garden and then very slowly pushing the camera he saw a light!  Obviously, this couldn’t be light so on further inspection with a little probing he could see it was the wedding ring.  Now to get it out safely!  

Stuck on a lip in the line he carefully and steadily freed the ring and pulled it towards him, eventually bringing it all the way into the manhole, where he promptly gave a perfectly conditioned wedding ring back to its rightful owner. 

A happy ending!

This was of course a very emotional moment for the wife, who was so over the moon to have her ring back that through the tears she gave the engineer a huge hug. Her husband also called the office later that day and thanked the team for their help.  

This was a great result for the customer as they are putting their house up for sale and didn’t want to leave having never found the ring. 

If you lose any precious items down the toilet or if you have any drainage issues in the Nottingham area, then give the team at DALROD a call at 0115 784 3805