One of the most common reasons DALROD Bath & Swindon get called out by our customers, is due to a blockage. Can we come and clear it for them? Yes of course we can, but finding the root cause of the blockage is really important for us as drainage professionals. 

One thing we find time and time again causing blockages in peoples systems is wet wipes!  

Did you know?

Did you know that wet wipes currently contribute to over 90% of sewer blockages and are one of the biggest contributors to river pollution? They are massive (and growing) problem for drainage systems up and down the country. 

Customers are not always aware that wipes do not break up as easily as toilet paper does in water and that they have a long journey beyond the toilet bowl. Once flushed, they travel through the drain, where they may get caught in imperfect piping, this is where they accumulate causing a build-up and blockage in your drains.

drain full of wet wipes

Wet wipes are non-woven materials bonded together using resins, chemicals or high pressure and are also designed to remain wet to help with cleaning and wiping.  

Most people don’t think of wet wipes as plastic and this is made worse because packaging labels mark them as ‘biodegradable’. Consumers therefore assume that flushing them will be acceptable. Sewers however, do not provide a conducive environment in order to biodegrade these wipes effectively. For wet wipes to break down fully they need to be exposed to temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above. This just does not happen within our UK sewer system.  

Do you flush wipes away in your house?

If you do you are not alone! 

Water UK are investigating ways to ensure healthy water for our future, have prepared a new series of tests designed to determine whether a wet wipe is suitable for flushing through a drain. These tests include ensuring products disintegrate completely in drain pipes and sewers and do not contain plastic fibres. The wet wipes that pass will have the important new ‘fine to flush’ symbol on the packaging.

Look out for the new symbol on packaging!

The way wet wipes are perceived needs to change. Rather than using them at all there is a much better and simpler solution. STOP using wet wipes altogether! Not only will you save yourself money from reducing the likelihood of your drains blocking but you will be helping save the environment too!

If you do want to continue using them, them please make sure you dispose of them in the rubbish bin and not down the drain. 

DALROD Bath & Swindon is here to help!

If you are unfortunate enough to get a blockage rest assured that DALROD Bath & Swindon can come and remove it for you. We will also ensure that the waste will be dealt with safely and efficiently giving you the peace of mind that you are helping to keep our countryside safe.

You can reach us, when you need us on 01225 984195, 24/7.