Do you ever take the time to consider what you flush down the toilet?

Toilet paper is actually one of the most common causes of toilet blockages, although people don’t assume this. People consider toilet paper a regular product that won’t trigger a possible sewer blockage.

Did you know that using an excessive amounts of toilet tissue can lead to a serious clog?

Toilet tissue itself used in small amounts is perfectly safe to flush away, however, using an excessive amount of toilet tissue can significantly increase the chances of having to deal with either a flooded or a blocked toilet as the shear amount cannot dissolve completely.

Children are big culprits for this as they do not realise how much to use, and we all know that on more than one occasion a whole roll can accidentally fall in!

It is easily done!

This was precisely what our team at DALROD North East in Newcastle encountered at a domestic customer’s house. We received a panicked  phone call concerning a badly blocked toilet.

As you can see in the photo below, the team discovered the reason for the blockage was clear – a very large quantity of toilet tissue.

Not a pleasant sight.

Customers often feel they should call a plumber in this type of situation, but as drainage engineers we have the expertise to make sure that not only is the visible blockage dealt with, we also ensure the remaining pipes are completely clear.

The team in Newcastle did a fantastic job. They were on site quickly and were able to clear the blockage out in no time. They also made sure that the water was back to flowing freely before leaving, as shown on the image below.

All sorted!

The customer was very happy to have the use of their facilities back!

Do you use too much toilet paper? – It is easily done but if the answer is yes,  it is better to change your habits and not to do so. If you don’t you may unintentionally end up with this kind of situation or, even worse, a blocked pipe that you are unaware of until it’s too late! If the worst does happen then don’t worry, we are here to help.

DALROD have service centres located all across the UK and we will get to you quickly, whenever and wherever you need us 24/7.

Our range of services are extensive, below some of the key ones are listed:

  • Jetting and blockage removal
  • Drain and sewer repair
  • CCTV survey
  • Waste disposal and tanker jetting
  • Homebuyers surveys

For any drainage issues you can call our team on :0330 1003 222 and we will arrange to attend your property and fix the problem.