Helping customers to tackle ongoing issues is part of what we enjoy doing as a drainage company. Our team get a lot of satisfaction from solving tricky problems and fixing issues that have been ongoing for a long time. 

One of our long standing customers in the Stamford area, Burghley House, got in touch with a typical drainage problem. The call was about a blocked sink, this was one that was repeatedly blocking. The trouble was they had a Food Fair and Exhibition on at the time and wanted the situation sorted ASAP for their customers. 

At first glance a simple blocked sink in a public bathroom is something that our drainage engineers deal with day in and day out, however this one ended up being a lot more challenging than first thought. 

The initial process is a sensible one. Try to clear the blockage from what is visible, but, it wasn’t working and the blockage wasn’t shifting properly. 

The team didn’t give up (many would have at this point). They needed to locate a manhole so they could investigate under the ground with a state of the art CCTV camera. These cameras provide eyes under the ground to allow engineers to see what and where the blockage is sitting. 

Easy right? It’s a manhole so it must be exposed…..


This particular manhole was hidden underneath some linoleum, tucked away from view. Our engineers managed to locate it after a lengthily search, but had to cut through the flooring material to access it fully. 

As you can probably imagine, having been hidden for years the team were in for a treat when they lifted it up. They discovered a large bung blocking the pipe (due to the colour and condition of the bung once it was removed it was assumed this had been placed in the line many years ago and left there by mistake).  

By simply removing this bung the lines were then free to flow once again!  

This solution quickly put an end to the repeated blockages that Burghley House were experiencing. It is always amazing, even after all this time to be able to help solve ongoing issues for our customers and this is solely down to the perseverance of one engineer to locate the mysterious hidden manhole. 

Jim Parrish of DALROD Peterborough said “this is a case of exceptional customer service demonstrated by our engineer Jay. He continued to work towards solving the problem until he had the answer.” 

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