We are a nation of pet lovers!

There is nothing more exciting than bringing home a small bundle of fluff. As we all know as cute as a new pet can be they are also a handful! Mischief is something that pets cause their owners every day.

A customer recently got into a sticky situation with their new kitten Shadow. Ever the adventurer this little ball of fur decided to go exploring in the house and got himself into some trouble.

After not seeing or hearing anything from Shadow for a while the owners decided to go looking for him. The usual hiding spots were clear and there was no sign of him. Panic started to creep in as they wondered where on earth he had gone too.

They eventually heard a mewing coming from a wall void, slightly baffled the owners searched around before realising that Shadow was trapped among the pipes under the bath in the flat below theirs!

Not exactly a drainage issue

DALROD are drainage specialists and while this was not strictly a drainage issue no one could figure out who else to call to help! DALROD North East were on hand quick as a flash to assist.

The easiest way to figure out where Shadow was positioned was by using the pipe camera. This way they could pop the small camera head into the void to see where he was. This confirmed that little Shadow was perched on the pipes. The team knew that they needed to gain access to the flat below, and once they did this they were able to remove the bath panel off and free him.

The team could see Shadow with the camera

Luckily for everyone involved, and especially Shadow, this was easily done and he was able to be freed from the pipes without any damage to the pipes. More importantly Shadow was completely unharmed and even had a cuddle with his rescuer, Darren the engineer from DALROD.   

Darren and Shadow

This is the purr-fect end to the story and we hope Shadow decides not to go exploring again in a hurry!