This is the time of year when all the traditional seasonal festivities are in full swing.

Parties are taking place, people are feeling jolly and they are enjoying the run up to Christmas.

This time of year can be understandably harder for some people, so being together and celebrating can mean a great deal to certain groups of individuals. Christmas gatherings with family and friends are something that many people are now able to look forward too again as the restrictions imposed over the past couple of years have been lifted.

A local care home in Lincolnshire was planning a fun Christmas event for the residents of their home when they were let down at the very last minute by the organisers. Having the event cancelled at the last minute would have been devastating, as everyone was looking forward to it immensely. This was frustrating and stressful for the team, who look after the residents as they naturally wanted to make this a fantastic celebration for all concerned.

Not wanting anyone to experience a ruined Christmas, DALROD Lincoln stepped in to help out and save the celebrations. The team visited Fenchurch House in Spalding (Fenchurch House Care Home in Spalding – Country Court (countrycourtcare.co)) to make a donation to the care home managers, which allowed the party to go ahead on the 12th December.

Time to Party!

In true party fashion there was a theme! The food and the outfits were styled in the theme of Alice in Wonderland, and the residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves. In addition the team from DALROD Lincoln were also invited and joined in the fun with everyone.

The team were overwhelmed by the support provided by DALROD. “We all want to say a big thank you to you. This couldn’t have happened without you DALROD. It was lovely to have you here with us and we cannot wait to see you again. We hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to planning new activities in 2023,” said Mihaela, Wellbeing Coordinator.

We were thrilled that we were able to make this happen for this local care home and we hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and new year!