We say it quite often, but do you really know what is inside your drains?

The engineer team at DALROD Nottingham got a surprise recently when they discovered some unusual items inside a manhole.

When our dedicated service centres turn up to blockages they can find all manner of items causing issues.

Most commonly, we find the following items clogging and blocking domestic drainage systems

  • Wet wipes
  • Grease
  • Fats and Oil
  • Sanitary items

Many of these problems arise from people not understanding what can and cannot be safely flushed done the toilet, or down the sink. DALROD would always advise never to flush any of these items as a build up can result in an emergency blockage and this is not something a homeowner or tenant wants to happen.

But how do you explain that to a child?

Kids are great but we all know they can be mischievous and they can also do things that adults don’t expect. Many of us have experienced rogue or discarded toys turning up in places that we do not normally expect. Lots of people have ended up with sore feet from stepping on Lego!

What is that?

So when the team from Nottingham attended a domestic call in the local area who were having multiple issues with their external drains, you can imagine their shock when they took a look inside and found all of these!

Not just one but a number of children’s toys were found inside the drain, and these all contributed to the system not flowing correctly. Hopefully none of these were being missed by the children of the house, as they came out looking a little worse for wear.

Luckily for this household the DALROD team were able to fix the issue, cleaning and jet the drain, and also remove the troublesome toys and solving the problem quickly and efficiently.

If you are having any difficulties with your drains you can speak to us, and we guarantee we will find the cause of the problem for you.

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