Drainage issues can happen at any time, and that even includes the Christmas period!

One of the most worrying things for businesses is to have is an unwanted drainage emergency to have to deal with. This is even worse when it is at a time of the year when high volumes of customers are present and celebrating the season, namely Christmas!

Imagine if you are a historic pub venue in Leeds, full to bursting with jovial customers the day after Christmas and suddenly, not one, but all your toilet facilities become blocked and unusable?! This is a stressful situation to find yourself in as a business.

Unwanted issues can be stressful!

This is exactly what happened to The Bay Horse pub in Huslet this Boxing Day. They had experienced minor drainage issues before, mainly because the pub itself is over 200 years old and the drainage system is obviously not new.

One blocked toilet in a hospitality venue is a nuisance, but to have all of the male and all of the female toilets out of action at once will usually mean the closure of the venue. Not ideal, and not something the owners want to happen on one of the busiest days of the year.

Luckily, the landlady got in touch with DALROD Leeds who were able to attend site within 30 minutes of receiving the emergency callout. The biggest concern was making sure the work could be completed discreetly so that the pub could remain open without any disruption to the customers.

The team were on hand to assist!

The problem was quickly identified as an issue within the sewer, it was blocked completely solid with tissue and other debris, and this was causing the waste water to stop flowing and come back up through the toilets into the bathrooms. As the male and female toilets were linked this affected all the facilities in the building at once.

Gary Price from DALROD Leeds said “this turned out to be quite a simple issue to solve, however it could have been a lot worse as the blockage was very large, I am not surprised that they have experienced a few issues before this. I was pleased to be able to assist and keep the pub open for the evening, having happy customers is hugely important!”

DALROD can help.

Issues such as this are frustrating because they can be easily avoided. Encouraging members of the public to flush the right things down the drains in a commercial property can be difficult. The DALROD Leeds team were able to use a combination of high pressure water jetting and CCTV camera equipment to clear the blockage, and identify what the route cause was.

The pubs drains will also be receiving additional care later in the year when the team will be back to conduct some further maintenance. This will all help to prevent this from occurring again.

Everyone at the pub was grateful for the speedy service and resolution of the problem. Thankfully everyone could continue with their fun evening!

DALROD Leeds are on hand 24/7 to solve your drainage issues. Talk to us today on 0113 8816 119.