DALROD remain committed to being a family orientated organisation and this applies to many of our service centres as well. We all believe in the importance of giving something back to the local communities that we operate in. A terrific and rewarding way of doing this is by getting involved with local sports clubs. School clubs and youth teams are always looking for support from local businesses, so it can be a difficult decision to make, as so many are worthy of investment. 

Once a business has selected their chosen club or team, and the support is in place (and this often comes in the form of donating kit or other essentials to the team) then it is up to the team to start playing! 

Sponsorship has always been a mutually beneficial way of offering that much needed funding. It helps to provide something the team needs, whilst also getting the DALROD brand name recognised. This is the route that DALROD Manchester has taken. They are now the proud sponsors of the Richmond Rovers Under 12’s Football Club.  

The Under 12’s Team

Passionate young footballers with great leaders.

The boys U12’s club is newly formed with a group of young, passionate, football mad youths. This particular club also has another tie to this DALROD service centre, as the team is being coached by a key member of the business and his brother. All of this additional vested interest means that everyone is looking forward to seeing the continuing progress that the team makes throughout the season.  

Jill Brierley, Managing Director of DALROD Manchester, said ‘’We are incredibly proud to be sponsoring the Richmond Rovers Under 12’s Football Club. As a business operation we understand just how important the local community is to our success, and we will be an involved and active part of it.’’ 

The boys are sporting some really smart new kits which look fantastic, especially with the DALROD logo displayed on them. It takes more than just a new kit to make the team function, and although the team might have gotten off to a slower start they are all working their hardest to be the best they can be.

Jill also remarked ‘’We have been following the team throughout this current season. It is wonderful to see a group of young lads pushing themselves and working together in harmony. No matter the result, they have our full support.’’   

DALROD Manchester are thoroughly enjoying sponsoring the Richmond Rovers Under 12’s Football Club, and wish them every success!