Drainage CCTV surveys. What are they and what are they for?

Drains, sewers and pipes are often hidden from view and buried deep underground. This makes it difficult to understand the exact cause and nature of drainage problems, or see potential issues around the corner.

DALROD’s CCTV drain surveys offer the perfect solution. They provide a live video feed from inside your drains and sewers, allowing our engineers to clearly see what’s going on inside them – and, crucially, reveal what is causing any drainage issues.

CCTV drain surveys are a great tool for businesses looking to make changes, and renovations to their buildings, or who might be thinking about upgrades to their system. A survey can be conducted prior to any changes being actioned. This will give the customer peace of mind and confidence about the condition of their drains.

Prior Preparation

DALROD Leeds were recently called to survey a building scheduled for demolition in the city. The commercial building is set to become a brand new care home, however a full assessment of the drainage system was required. This was needed to determine two things. Firstly, the condition of the drains as they are currently, and then secondly, the direction of the drains and to map the drains on a drawing.

DALROD Leeds went equipped with their iTouch camera surveying equipment to assess and produce a clear picture of the drainage system for the customer.

It is a good thing they did.

Some issues can be easily detected by visual inspection as some of the manholes on the site were covered over with tarmac, leaving them inaccessible. This is something which will require repair as they cannot be left like this.

The camera equipment did its job and managed to uncover a range of issues within the drainage network that would have otherwise been missed. Having a set of eyes under the ground is valuable and ensures that the correct information can be relayed back to the customer.

Among the problems identified were

  • Multiple areas where tree roots had ingressed into the drainage system
  • A section of the drain had fully collapsed
  • There were numerous blockages located within the pipes
  • The drains were all full of silt
  • Manholes were found to be surcharged

Identifying issues

Due to the severity of these issues the CCTV survey could only go so far. There is a need for immediate works with a tanker to empty and clean the blocked drains prior to the survey being completed.

Without the camera inspection being carried out, this could have easily led to more serious problems occurring in the future. The positive outcome is that all issues can be resolved prior to the new building being built, and once complete it will have a perfectly functioning and free flowing drainage system.

“Conducting a CCTV survey on a site like this is really important,” said Gary Price, Director of DALROD Leeds. “Our aim is to identify any issues that will cause the customer immediate concern, and rectify them as quickly as possible.”

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