Here at DALROD, we believe in the importance of giving back to the community. Many of our local service centres become involved with projects, events and sponsorship of sporting teams as a show of continued support.

DALROD Nottingham are no exception! They have been sponsoring a local girls football team for a while now. The Hednesford Town Girls team have been performing really well throughout the whole season, and, as a result of the businesses input, they are also sporting a brand new DALROD sponsored kit, courtesy of the Nottingham team.

Providing kit is one thing (and it looks great), but showing support in person means so much more to everyone involved!

High Performing Team

The team from the DALROD Nottingham office went along to a match at the end of 2022 where the under 16 girls team had a fantastic victory and won 4-0 against Stafford Town. Everyone was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the match and the way the girls played, teamwork really does make the dream work!

To top off a great day there were a few extra surprises. As an additional bonus there were some awards given out as well after the game. DALROD were given the honour of choosing the sponsors girl of the match. This was a young lady called Taylor who was presented with a £15 voucher. The next prize was awarded under the parents player category. The player chosen to receive this was Chloe. Well done to both the girls who were selected!

And Finally…

Finally, there was also a special presentation for Andrea at DALROD as she was presented with a framed shirt and flowers. This was a surprise to Andrea who was a little overwhelmed by the gesture. This was a wonderful thank you for the continued support shown to Hednesford Town.

“It was such a surprise to receive this wonderful gift from the team,” said Andrea Newman, Director of DALROD Nottingham. “Supporting this local girls team has been a real pleasure for us and we are so excited to see them thriving! I was very touched by the gesture and will be putting this up in the office.”

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