Having an unexpected drainage issue can be worrying for most people. What do you do first? Who do you call? How quickly will it be fixed? These are all questions we get asked on a daily basis by our customers.

You want to be sure that the people you call out will fix your issue and put your mind at rest. In an emergency you need to be able to trust the people you call.

DALROD Cambridge understand just how important that is, and they have helped thousands of customers over the years by fixing their drainage problems.

When the team were called to attend some drainage issues at a local couples property, they knew before they turned up, they needed to do something a little extra special.

A worrying time.

The couple in question were having issues with some pretty severe leaking pipework, so bad in fact that it is the worst case the DALROD Cambridge team have seen in 30 years. To make matters worse the couple were in their 90’s so they were naturally very worried about their property and what was going to happen next.

DALROD Cambridge were highly confident in their abilities to fix the pipework because this is what the team do day in and day out. The technicians are very experienced at fixing drains of all shapes and sizes, clearing blockages and cleaning drainage systems at domestic and commercial properties.

But sometimes, a little bit extra is needed!

Going the extra mile for us means surprising people when they least expect it…

A small gift for our customers

The technicians wanted to reassure this couple further given how worried they were about their property so the team brought a little something special along with them to the job. This came in the form of a token gift of flowers and shortbread for the pair.

In the space of a few hours the drainage issue had been quickly and efficiently resolved and the couple were thrilled with the service provided and were then happily sat with a cup of tea and a delicious biscuit!

Thanks given to the whole team at DALROD Cambridge! If you are experiencing any issues with your drains in the Cambridge area then give the team at DALROD a call at 01223 785604.